Why You Need A Niche Maintenance Plan

“If your sales are slow
And tempers starting to show
Do this one thing if you can,
The best way to go
For sales that are low
Is to try a niche maintenance plan."

A niche maintenance plan helps you to get the maximum niche advantage out of your product or service. Doing that is essential, especially in today’s highly competitive market place.

I call having a niche maintenance plan low cost sales insurance.

It’s no longer enough just to have a niche and let it go at that. You must make it a priority to make sure your getting the maximum niche advantage out of your business, product, or service.

The stronger your niche the more sales you’ll generate. The more niches you have the more sales you’ll generate. If not you could be leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table.

To get the maximum mileage from your car you have to perform maintenance on it. The same holds true for your business, product, or service niche.

Because your business, product, or service niche is one of your most valuable business tools, you want to make sure that tool stays as sharp as possible. A sharp tool will always help you work more efficiently. The last statement is especially true if you’re in a highly competitive market.

Your niche is what separates you from your competition. This is why you always want to make sure your niche is firing on all cylinders. And the best way to make sure you’re getting the maximum niche advantage is to perform a niche maintenance evaluation.

Everyone knows the importance of having a business, product, or service niche. But few people know the steps to take to keep that niche strong, vital, and competitive. There are steps you can take to accomplish this goal.

Niche consultants worth their salt perform a 50-point checklist for their clients to help them evaluate and strengthen their business, product, or service niche. But in the interest of time and space I’ll give you 7 steps that you can use to quickly perform your own niche maintenance for your product or service.

7 Steps To Strengthening Your Business,Product, or Service Niche.

Ask yourself these questions ...

1. What successful features can I adapt from another business, product, or service - to make mine better for my target customers?

2. What positive features can I add to make my business, product, or service a little better for my target market?

3. How can I make it easier for my target customers to buy, use, own, and/or enjoy my product or service?

4. What negative or inconvenience can I eliminate from my product or service to make it better for my target market?

5. How can I make my target customer feel more safe and secure before, during, and after purchasing my product or service?

6. What feature can I speed up to make my product or service better for my target customers?

7. What am I willing or able to do that my competitors can’t or won’t do for my target market?

If you’d like a free niche strengthening evaluation. Simply email me and I’ll be happy to help you. ( Please one free evaluation per person).

Roy Primm (The Niche Man), Long Beach, Ca. U.S.A

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