Whips & chains may excite you but LEATHER will make you $$$$

Carpet Cleaners Class Room
November 16th 2011

Join Scott Warrington Wednesday night at 9pm EST in the Cleaners Classroom where he will introduce you to how to clean leather.


This class is aimed at those that have never done it before and would like to know how to proceed. Scott will be doing a show and tell with the Bridgepoint Leather Care products that I can personally attest to as being easy to work with and produce professional results.

Wednesday Night 9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific


The Carpet Cleaners Class Room is a live, real time text, talk, and video. You can participate if you only have a keyboard, or step up to the microphone and tell us what you think if you’re not shy, and if you have a web camera you can even show us your professional spotting kit and accessories if you like!

Talk Dirt with Tom Cermak

Monday nights @ 9pm EST in the Carpet Cleaners Classroom @ CleanersChat.com

Got Questions? Get Answers!!

Upcoming Wed Night Classes @ CleanersChat.com
November 16, 2011
Intro to Leather Cleaning - Scott Warrington - Bridgepoint

November 30, 2011
Chemicals by Glen Galatan - Sapphire Scientific


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