What ______ Works Best? Its All About the Service

One of the most frequent inquiries we receive from the OCIBR Members relates to equipment purchases. "Which manufacturer's equipment works the best?" It makes no difference if the purchase is related to truckmounts, portables, chemicals or the myriad of other cleaning equipment, products or services available; everyone wants to be sure they're getting a product that will serve their needs.

Our response is .....

.... virtually always the same.
Most all major cleaning industry equipment and service providors' products will do a fine job. If your task matches the output specifications of the equipment, the equipment will likely do the job. The more important criterion is service. That's the key. Investigate the service reputation of the provider of the service YOU will receive.

You should always ask for, and contact, references before purchasing any equipment or service. Ask for general references as well as references for operations similar to yours. It's the service that seperates equipment / products. Good service, good equipment performance. Poor service, poor equipment perfomance. That's the bottom line.

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