Using Technology In Your Business

Whether you believe that technology has made life easier or more difficult, there is one thing for sure: It's here to stay.

As your business grows, computer systems are critical to streamlining and systematizing your business.

Some of the areas that are critical to have good computer systems in a service business are Scheduling, Accounting, and Marketing. Obviously if you have only one truck, scheduling is not a big deal, but as soon as you cross the two truck mark, you should use computerized scheduling. Having your schedule computerized makes it so much easier to reschedule jobs, to schedule recurring appointments such as maintenance accounts, etc. Reporting is another big reason. Once you grow beyond yourself, you need to be able to track sales and production.

Camelot Software is one of the most popular software packages in our industry. With Camelot you will be able to schedule multiple routes with ease according to the location of the job and other criteria.

The Accounting function is a very important area as well

Even if you are a solo operator, you can dramatically improve your performance through tracking your costs. Quick Books Pro is one of the most popular and reliable programs available. Quick Books will dramatically reduce your bookkeeping time if you are now doing it manually. Also, by entering your income and expenses on a daily basis, you can see how you are doing before the month is completed. Camelot interfaces with Quick Books to make your accounting even easier!

Camelot has a powerful function called the "Marketing Funnel"

The third critical area of systematizing your business is your marketing. You should know exactly where your business is coming from. How much is new business? How much is repeat? How many referrals? What is your job average? What do you sell the most of? How much exactly? By simply running reports, you can know this information instantly. Good tracking turns into better performance (if you use the information).

With the Marketing Funnel, you set up the program to automatically tell you when to send your thank you letter, when to make the quality check call, when to send a reminder card, when to send newsletters, etc. There is no limit to the number of funnels to set up. This completely systematizes your marketing so that you do not have to reinvent the wheel each time. It keeps you consistent and saves you time.

There are obviously many other uses for technology in a small business that are not listed here. High speed internet, hand held devices, internet based specialty software, PowerPoint, and many other programs and applications offer a way to stay ahead of the curve. In fact, this e-mail is a perfect example of how a mass a pogram can be set up to deliver a consistent message to hundreds of people. All I have to do is spend a few minutes crafting a message, press a few buttons and presto! I am communicating with you! By the way, if you like these free tips that you are getting, PLEASE REPLY to let me know.


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