Understanding the Mercedes Client

Last time we explored how to position your company at the highest price. We also learned about the KIA and Saturn Customer. This week, I reveal how the Mercedes Client thinks and buys.

The Mercedes Market
The first thing to recognize about the high end market is that it has "clients" instead of customers. The difference? Customers buy services based on the functional features and benefits and the overall value. Clients have consultants. They have consultants that advise them on how to take care of that part of their lives. Just like a doctor, accountant, or attorney, you are a consultant. A carpet care consultant. Price is not the issue. It is the relationship, the reputation, experience, education, the way you service them, and how you back up your guarantee that is the issue. They are interested in long term relationships. They are loyal. They want you to "just take care of it".

Remember that these are not necessarily super rich people, although many are, and that creates the best case scenario - a Mercedes attitude and a Mercedes pocketbook! But it is the value system - the outlook, that is important. They value carpet cleaning at the highest level. If they have unlimited funds, then that is just icing on the cake. Some become Mercedes Clients as their income increases. They always wanted to be one, but just did not have the funds to support that attitude in many areas of their lives.

Attract Clients not Customers
To be effective in this market, you must attract clients rather than customers by positioning your company in the marketplace with the ultimate experiential marketing message (by the way, that message works great in all markets), over deliver the WOW experience - ---

And finally, to be successful in the Mercedes Market, you must build referrals. Why? Because that's how Mercedes Clients primarily buy services.

How do Mercedes Clients Primarily Buy Services?

Most often Mercedes Clients don't go to the yellow pages, the direct mail, the flyer, or any other "direct" marketing means. They get a referral from a trusted friend that has the same value system as them, or from one of their other consultants. If it is residential cleaning, they will go to the carpet retailer where they bought the carpet. Or, they will call their Interior Designer, or Realtor. And there is a whole list of other referral sources that they may get a referral from.

The point is, that most often they get a consultant through a referral. Think about it...you don't go to the yellow pages to find a doctor or a CPA. You don't respond to a television ad for an attorney unless you have no money and want to pursue a personal injury case! You get a consultant by asking your friends and other consultants. Mercedes Clients have many consultants.

CAUTION: The Mercedes Market is unforgiving. If you are not ready for it, you will fail. You have to be the expert. You have to be the consultant. You must be willing to do presentations and build professional relationships. You must be willing to dress appropriately for that market. You cannot just say you are the Mercedes cleaner, you have to be the Mercedes cleaner. GET INTO MY PROGRAM AND I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO BE THE MERCEDES CLEANER.

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