Time to Start Your New Year Marketing is Now?

I'm sure you already know the importance of planning your carpet cleaning business' holiday marketing early. But are you ready for the New Year yet?

Perhaps you already have specific sales and growth goals in mind for 2013. Now is the time to start thinking about the marketing and PR ideas that support your objectives. Here are three New Year publicity ideas that can really help you stand out.

New Year Marketing - Resolutions

New Year Marketing ResolutionMedia publications generally lay out their editorial calendars months in advance, so many feature writers are already working on those stories now. Media stories about resolutions appear in early January and are an excellent publicity opportunity.

So how can your business help readers realize their resolutions? Opportunities exist whatever business you're in (if you own a spa or gym, the answer is obvious). Think of the goals people set for themselves at the beginning of each year, then think of ways your business can help them reach those goals. Whether it's a service, keeping the house clean, or being more organized or saving time, your story can be part of the resolution solution.

New Year Marketing -  Recaps

Late December is the prime time for 2012 recap features in the media. Did your company see significant or unexpected growth in 2012? Was your brand part of a local news event or a trade show or donate to a cause or charity? Attend classes and gain certifications? Publish an online news release about it. To maximize your chances of being included in a round-up story, include an image and a relevant quote about the event from a company spokesperson.

New Year Marketing -  Rewards

The New Year is a great opportunity to reward your customers. For example, you could hold a contest via YouTube where customers upload a video about their best experience with you from 2012, or what they can't wait to see from your company in 2013. Then, reward the winning submission and share the story with an online news release. Using social media for your contest can give you major buzz, positive publicity and a chance to engage with and thank your customers for their loyalty.

Remember: Holiday marketing doesn't end in 2012. Don't forget to think through the New Year and next year. Whether you recap 2012 or look ahead to 2013, there are ample opportunities to get your brand and message out there.

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