The Marketing Report Card

Are You Marketing Savvy?
Hopefully you have realized that you can be the best at what you do and it doesn't mean that customers will beat a path to your door. More than ever, today's economy requires "smarter marketing". To evaluate whether you need to understand more about marketing, take this short quiz.

Your score will determine whether you need to a. understand more about marketing, and b. work smarter on your marketing.

Take the Test

Directions: Answer the following questions. Each question is worth 5 points. To determine how savvy (or not) you are, see the scoring instructions at the end of the questionnaire.

1. I have determined my prime target market. Y N
2. I have developed a USP. Y N
3. I am tracking my advertising returns. Y N
4. I have my marketing plan on paper. Y N
5. I know the difference between sales and marketing. Y N
6. I know the components of an ad and how to structure them. Y N
7. I am familiar with at least 3 of the following terms: Branding, Positioning, Copy, Features. Y N
8. I am regularly marketing to my client base. Y N
9. My prices have been set based on my cost of doing business rather than the competition or what I think my customer will pay. Y N

10. I am familiar with the term "adding value" as it relates to marketing. Y N
11. I know how to get publicity. Y N
12. I know what "networking" means and how to do it. Y N
13. I am familiar with the terms "reach" and "frequency". Y N

How do you rate?

Scoring: Each question is worth 5 points. For each question you answered yes to, you get 5 points (be honest with yourself!!).

If you scored between 0 and 30: You need a marketing education. Get the FAST TRACK Master Marketer Package. If you scored between 30 and 50: You can probably get by, but you may want to brush up. Get the FAST TRACK Master Marketer Package. If you scored over 50: You have a handle on marketing terms. If you are not getting the results you desire, get the FAST TRACK Master Marketer Package.

The more you learn about marketing, and the more you implement what you learn, the more successful your business will be. Remember that it does not matter how good you are if you cannot communicate that message effectively.

Howard Partridge
Phenomenal Products, Inc.

voice: 281-634-0404

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