The BIGGEST Marketing MISTAKE of ALL Part II

Continued from previous article: People simply forget your name. There are lots of reasons for it. Maybe they remember you by your personal name rather than your company name. Your name happens to be John Smith. Good luck finding you in the residential pages. Maybe they just couldn't remember whether it was "Clean As A Whistle", "Whistle As You Clean", or "Whistle While You Work"! They forgot how they got your name. You were good. In fact, you were the best. But they can't remember the name.

Stop the bleeding

Every time you send something to your previous clients in the mail, it keeps a few more people from forgetting about you. Every time you send something in the mail, you get more referrals from that client. Every time you send something in the mail, you have an opportunity to entertain and educate them. Every time you send something in the mail to them you re-position yourself as their carpet cleaner. By mailing monthly, perhaps our little $80k company which is now at $88k could retain 10% more clients adding another $8,800.00, bringing it to $96.8k.

Sell more services

3. Sell more services on the job-site. Most cleaners are not making the most of the opportunity on the job-site. Everyday, you are stepping over area rugs and tile floors. You are walking by upholstery and draperies. Do I dare mention carpet protector? By becoming proactive (not pushy) in presenting the opportunity for Mrs. Jones to have these items cleaned, you are helping your customer and making more money. If you are afraid to be too bold in this area, look at it like this: One day she is going to want those things done and she is going to assume that you don't offer those services. Then, low and behold, your most despicable competitor will be in there cleaning those items for her! Now how do feel about upselling?!

Make the commitment

Start by making a commitment that on every single job, you will at least ask about other services. Then make sure that your presentation materials outline the other services you offer. If we could increase the average job on our repeat clients by an additional 10%, that would bring our total retained revenue up to $106,480.00. A nice jump from $80k!

4. Increase frequency of use. Here's where it gets real interesting. If you could increase the number of times that your customers use your services, it could have the most impact on your sales dollars. Educating your clients can have an impact on how often they clean. If your clients begin to understand cleaning for health for example, they are likely to clean more often. By understanding that a cleaner carpet lasts longer, they will be more likely to clean more often. The more your clients use your service, the more money you make. In our hypothetical example, if we were able to get people to clean every 18 months on average instead of every 2 years for example, it would add an additional $58,000.00 per year! That would bring the total up to $164,480.00. Over double the initial number.

*** Even if your clients didn't step up to 18 months, mailing to your client base could easily add enough referrals to total $58k. By consistently mailing to your client base and offering referral rewards, you will increase the number of client referrals. It's a fact. I've seen it too many times.


Howard Partridge
Phenomenal Products, Inc.

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