SummerFest VIII – 2006 Awards

Myrtle Beach, SC - Mark Cermak of (EcoClean Carpet Care), Madison, OH and Lisa Smith-Lydon of GreenGlides, Sun City, CA were honored with the Summerfest VIII Man and Woman of the Year awards for 2006. Both are high quality individuals, operate good honest businesses, and give back to the industry.

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Hydrosonic Wand Tom Cermak JWC
Stepson Stairtool Frank Ellecker CCS
LMCCA Gold Membership (2)

Tom Johnson
Fred McLeod

DriMaster Upholstery Tool Patty Geurkink HydraMaster
1 case prespray - 1 case rinse : each month for 4 months (3)

David Gargan
Shawn Sims
Lisa Smith

Power Clean
FREE Sunbelt Class (2)

Dan Lloyd
Skip Giska

Sunbelt USA
BRC Marketing Systems Manual Ades Gros BRC
LeatherPro Manual (2)

Ariel Curtis
Joanie Capitoni

Textile Care Group
Butler Chemical Package Keith Decker Butler
VersaCap 1 gallon (4)

Al Sims
Gigi Spires

Andrechelle Cermak
Jonathan Spires

Textile Care Group
Releasit - 1 case Greg Decker Excellent-Supply
Snap Encap 1 case (2) Kyle Harris
Wayne Watson
HelGel 2 pints (2)

Dom Agostino
Bob Martin

Whamm 1 case Toshio Suzuki CCS
Red Vanish 1 gal Mike French CCS
Pee Eradicator 1 gal Terry Brevik CCS
$50 off Custom Magnets Bill Clark Stamp Works 800-758-2753
Bissel Power Force Bagless Vac John Firari Larry Capitoni
Norwegian Vodka Anna Agostino Terry Brevik
Gourmet Coffee Larry Capitoni Terry Brevik
Fjord King collar shirt Ellen Ellecker Terry Brevik
Fjord King T-Shirt (2)

Mark Cermak
Jeff Cross

Terry Brevik
Protector - 1 case FREE ALL ATTENDEES Hardball
$20 off order ALL ATTENDEES Magic Wand
Schrader MultiTool Dave Frederick Caesar Ricci

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