So what’s all the stink really about anyway?

So what's all the stink really about anyway?

Odor removal or as some will tell you, odor management can be a frustrating and evasive issue both for the cleaner and the customer.

Join Craig Jasper on Wednesday night 9-21-2011 in the CLEANERS CLASSROOM where you can learn of some recent new developments in odor location and new tools for this.

9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific time @

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed in the class:

The newest advance in evolution of Low Moisture Cleaning Science with APE Cleaning Solution, APE Cleaning Catalyst and the Pro Sorb Bonnet

Get rid of Traffic Lane Gray with Dinge-Away, the Carpet Saver

How to locate urine spots with the Forensic Kit and Inspection Tunnel and how to remove odor with OSR XG, X-Cide for Smoke and the Ozone

The easier way to re-color bleach spots with Color Modifying Cosmetics (CMC's)

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