Renewal Notices : Beware of scam

Please be careful when receiving "renewal" notices that come in the form of a letter sent through regular mail, an email and/or a telephone call requesting you to renew. Some of our customers that have acted on these "renewal" notices have found that they have ended up paying for a service they did not want, from a company they did not choose to deal with, and have lost essential services from

These "renewal" notices are sent by our competitors who monitor the publicly accessible WHOIS database and obtain our customers' contact information through it. These are not renewal notices. A customer is required to transfer their domain name(s) to another company when they did not intend to. If you do "renew" your domain with them, your registration will be transferred to another company, and your name servers (the record which controls who provides service for your domain name) will be changed so that you are no longer using Andrechelle's services.

You can also avoid this issue altogether by renewing early or adding additional years to your account.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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