Oriental Rug Repair HardCover Book

Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rug Repair Hardcover by Peter F. Stone is becoming available again. Be sure to reserve your copy today!

Amazon book description:
A definitive, step-by-step guide to the reknotting, reconstruction, care, and preservation of oriental rugs The demand for oriental rugs has increased dramatically in recent years. Many owners now put more value on their rugs as works of art than as floor coverings, and current prices reflect their status. As a result, rugs that may once have remained stored in attics or been destined for the junkyard are being revived, repaired, and restored.

Rug repair services are more popular than ever, but many repairs are not as difficult as you may think. Anyone who can learn needlecraft can acquire the necessary skills.

This comprehensive guide covers all the essential techniques, materials, and tools required to repair oriental rugs. The accessible text is accompanied by clear step-by-step diagrams and illustrations that teach you how to:

  • assess damaged areas
  • understand rug structure
  • select yarn
  • re-knot
  • reconstruct warp and weft
  • use patches
  • repair selvage and edges
  • repair ends and flatweaves
  • wash rugs, remove stains, and carry out general maintenance

Oriental Rug Repair is a must-have reference for beginners and a useful source book for dealers and collectors. 40 color and 370 b/w illustrations.

Available for pre-order now and will ship when available. Scheduled release June 10 2010.

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Finally an Owners Manual for Oriental Rugs

This book is about much more than repairing Oriental Rugs. It is an indispensable owners guide. Of all the most common questions people ask me about rugs Stone answers them in an easy to understand and easy to follow fashion. How do you hang a rug on a wall? It is in there. How do I get a stain out of my rug? Whether it is urine (a frequent question from pet owners)to asphalt Stone tells you what you need to save your rug. Stone covers such topics as "when to repair" or insect damage. Stone guides us through the problem in a way any of us can handle it with ease...when I tell you that this book is the best book in the field it is because after years of study I know what I am talking about. The thing I like about this book is that Stone gives us a depth of detail found no where else. For instance when it comes to spills do you clean up calamine lotion the same way you clean up Aftershave lotion? No, two different processes and not knowing which one to use can ruin your rug.

What about the actual repair part? I will freely admit that I have no intention of ever repairing my carpets or anyone else's but with this book I could. But even more importantly for me is with the information in this book I can understand what the repair person purposes when I take a rug in. I can at least nod knowingly when the repairman uses terms like rewarding or reknoting. By the way my brother Jim was textile conservator and he is the one who gave me my first edition of this book when I was just starting to study in the field. Jim told me this book was so good they would never need another. Jim was wrong this second edition is even better than the first.

Should you buy this book? If you own an Oriental Carpet then the answer is yes. This is the indispensable information that every consumer needs... An owners manual for Oriental Rugs

Best wishes,

J. Barry O'Connell Jr.

This is the most important book on oriental rug repair and restoration in print. Full of illustrations Peter Stone gives the reader a step by step guide to the repair of oriental rugs.
There is also a lot to offer in this volume about basic oriental rug care. Recommended to anyone who owns a rug as well as to those have the time to venture into rug repair techniques.
There is a lot about basic rug repair that this book helps to demystify. I cannot tell you how many people I have known let selvage damage go until it affected the body of their rug rather than trying their hand at simple whip stitching. For those of you who fall into this catagory this book will give you the needed confidence.
I believe even the skilled restorer will benefit from this book.
The book is dedicated to Maury Bynum one of the true giants of oriental rug restoration.
Highly recommended.

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