Visit DSC at THE EXPERIENCE™ Convention & Trade Show

DSC Booth #715 at THE EXPERIENCE™ Convention & Trade Show - September 4-7, 2013 in Las Vegas Visit DSC at THE EXPERIENCEIf you are going to THE EXPERIENCE™ Convention & Trade Show - September 4-7, 2013 in Las Vegas - stop by, visit and chat with us at the DSC booth (#715) ..tell us about your biggest cleaning challenges, ...  get free samples of some great professional carpet cleaning products and shoot some hoops - top score wins a prize! .

How many points can you score in 60 seconds?

Bring your best game to booth #715  (DSC Products for Carpet Cleaners), prove you are the best baller in the carpet cleaning industry and win a great prize.

DSC Products for Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Visit DSC at THE EXPERIENCE™ Convention & Trade Show


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IICRC Forms Trade Association

IICRC forms trade association IICRCAThe Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification has formed the International Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Council of Associations.

This international trade association was initially approved by the IICRC executive committee and board of directors in 2010.

The new organization is a council of associations that represent the cleaning, restoration and inspection industries. It will provide education, legislative, networking and advocacy services to industry professionals, companies and supporting organizations involved in the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. It will monitor and increase member awareness of government regulatory activities and serve as a voice on behalf of the industry.

The initial board of directors of the IICRCA will be made up of the current executive committee of the IICRC. The IICRCA’s first full board of directors will be elected by the association membership within the next 12 months.

All paid positions of the association will be selected through an open request for proposal process and chosen by a selection committee. Certified, professional candidates will be preferred.

Members will have the right to use the IICRCA logos. Additionally, the IICRCA, in association with its affiliate partners, will provide members new benefits including recognition, training, networking and economic incentives.

The association has committed to the launch of its first trade show for the fall of 2013.

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Time to Start Your New Year Marketing is Now?

I'm sure you already know the importance of planning your carpet cleaning business' holiday marketing early. But are you ready for the New Year yet?

Perhaps you already have specific sales and growth goals in mind for 2013. Now is the time to start thinking about the marketing and PR ideas that support your objectives. Here are three New Year publicity ideas that can really help you stand out.

New Year Marketing - Resolutions

New Year Marketing ResolutionMedia publications generally lay out their editorial calendars months in advance, so many feature writers are already working on those stories now. Media stories about resolutions appear in early January and are an excellent publicity opportunity.

So how can your business help readers realize their resolutions? Opportunities exist whatever business you're in (if you own a spa or gym, the answer is obvious). Think of the goals people set for themselves at the beginning of each year, then think of ways your business can help them reach those goals. Whether it's a service, keeping the house clean, or being more organized or saving time, your story can be part of the resolution solution.

New Year Marketing -  Recaps

Late December is the prime time for 2012 recap features in the media. Did your company see significant or unexpected growth in 2012? Was your brand part of a local news event or a trade show or donate to a cause or charity? Attend classes and gain certifications? Publish an online news release about it. To maximize your chances of being included in a round-up story, include an image and a relevant quote about the event from a company spokesperson.

New Year Marketing -  Rewards

The New Year is a great opportunity to reward your customers. For example, you could hold a contest via YouTube where customers upload a video about their best experience with you from 2012, or what they can't wait to see from your company in 2013. Then, reward the winning submission and share the story with an online news release. Using social media for your contest can give you major buzz, positive publicity and a chance to engage with and thank your customers for their loyalty.

Remember: Holiday marketing doesn't end in 2012. Don't forget to think through the New Year and next year. Whether you recap 2012 or look ahead to 2013, there are ample opportunities to get your brand and message out there.

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Facebook scam: [Video] – Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!

Scammers are once again trying to pique Facebook users’ curiosity with claims of a video that doesn’t exist. Instead of a video, you’re told to fill out a survey and share the scam with friends.

Facebook scammers are once again trying to take advantage of curious users who want to see a juicy video. This time it’s a woman who apparently did something unheard of on a beach. This is a scam. There is no video. Don’t click it, don’t Like it, and don’t Share it.

This particular scam says something along the lines of “[Video] - Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people!” followed by a fraudulent link. It also has the following description: “During the summer holidays, this girl took the opportunity to do something unheard of! I bet no one can do the same.”

The link takes you to what appears to be a video embedded on what looks like a Facebook webpage. Both are fake. The scammers’ goal is to drive more traffic towards certain sites. This is how the scammer earns his or her money: a commission for every survey completed, every product purchased, and/or every account compromised. You’re also told to share the link with all of your Facebook friends, as well as add a comment. The next webpage urges you to sign up for a premium rate mobile phone service, complete an online survey, and/or buy some pills. Last but not least, they also use the scams to spread malware and obtain personal information.

As a general word of caution, don’t click on everything your Facebook friends share on the social network. If you see a scam like this one, report it. Then go check your Messages and Wall to make sure you’re not spreading the scam; the sooner you clean it up, Unlike all relevant Pages, and uninstall all relevant Apps, the better. You can also contact Facebook Security if you’d like to.

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Postal Service: New Direct Mail Service for Businesses

The U.S. Postal Service wants small businesses to send more direct mail to help the beleaguered agency expand its revenue stream by hundreds of millions of dollars.

In a campaign called "Every Door Direct Mail," the Postal Service is touting a year-old online tool to help small businesses micro-target direct mail. The Web tool allows firms to tap customers by neighborhood or zip code without names or addresses.

The cost to small businesses is 14.5 cents per mail piece. The Postal Service spent virtually nothing to create the online service, tapping existing staff and resources to pull it together, said Paul Vogel, president and chief marketing officer for the Postal Service, at a presentation Tuesday

"We believe it could be a billion-dollar product for the Postal Service by 2016," Vogel said.

The online direct mail program has been in existence since last April, generating $153 million in revenue through December. The Postal Service estimates the direct mail program will bring the struggling agency some $750 to $800 million in 2012.

The Postal Service reported a $5.1 billion loss for the year ended Sept. 30. The loss was caused by an ongoing decline in its core revenue driver, regular letters and bills known as first-class mail, as well as a legal mandate that the agency prefund health care benefits for a legion of future retirees.

The Postal Service has made headlines recently with cost-cutting moves to get out of the red over the next few years. The agency is working to close more than 200 postal plants that may cost 32,000 jobs, to cut Saturday service,and to delay delivery of some first-class mail .Separately, officials may also consider a hike in the price of a first-class stamp by a nickel to 50 cents.

No closures will happen until a self-imposed deadline of May 15, when a moratorium on postal service facility closures expires. Postal advocates for are pushing Democrats and Republicans to come up with a bipartisan plan to prevent the closures, but so far little progress has been made.

In the meantime, the Postal Service is looking to expand other revenue streams, including this direct mail program.

The Postal Service has weathered criticism for keeping the price of advertising mail low while raising the price of first class mail, when direct mail volume outnumbers first-class mail. In 2011, advertising mail volume was 84.7 billion pieces of mail and total first-class mail was 73.5 billion.

To promote the direct mail, the Postal Service unveiled three new television commercials -- one features a dancer in a chicken costume that will air on CNN, local news, CBS' "60 Minutes" and some sporting events, postal officials said. The commercials will start appearing this week.

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Whips & chains may excite you but LEATHER will make you $$$$

Carpet Cleaners Class Room
November 16th 2011

Join Scott Warrington Wednesday night at 9pm EST in the Cleaners Classroom where he will introduce you to how to clean leather.


This class is aimed at those that have never done it before and would like to know how to proceed. Scott will be doing a show and tell with the Bridgepoint Leather Care products that I can personally attest to as being easy to work with and produce professional results.

Wednesday Night 9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific

The Carpet Cleaners Class Room is a live, real time text, talk, and video. You can participate if you only have a keyboard, or step up to the microphone and tell us what you think if you’re not shy, and if you have a web camera you can even show us your professional spotting kit and accessories if you like!

Talk Dirt with Tom Cermak
Monday nights @ 9pm EST in the Carpet Cleaners Classroom @

Got Questions? Get Answers!!

Upcoming Wed Night Classes @
November 16, 2011
Intro to Leather Cleaning - Scott Warrington - Bridgepoint

November 30, 2011
Chemicals by Glen Galatan - Sapphire Scientific


Upcoming Events
Jan 26-29 Phoenix AZ
SummerFest XIVThe 14th annual SummerFest will be held in the Tampa / St Pete Florida area in May 2012.
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IICRC announces rebranding (sigh)

IICRC is doing what most companies with image problems do: Fix their problems. Get a new name. A new logo. A new color scheme.

Not only can it be expensive to execute a complete rebrand (is this really the best use of IICRC money?), but it can also be risky. Sometimes consumers won’t accept a rebranding. Netflix "Quickster" is the most recent example.

There is only so much that you can do with a new brand when the underlying product has problems. There's an old saw about putting lipstick on a certain barnyard animal.

Brands can be turned around without walking away from their name recognition. Apple was an also-ran in the computer business in the 1990s. When Steve Jobs returned as CEO in 1997, should he have renamed it? Of course not. You cannot build brand equity by renaming your brand.

On the positive side, this rebranding should be the signal of major change and that change should be evidenced throughout the organization and conveyed through every touchpoint. The entire organization has to be aligned to deliver on the promises implied in the rebranding. This isn't the place for puffery. Merely claiming to be improved is meaningless — and using words like "trust" do nothing but heighten skepticism.

I'm anxious to see the changes in the organization, not sure about the new name though. Maybe it will grow on me, but my first impression is not favorable.

The Clean Trust Certified Master Textile Cleaner just doesn't sound right.

What do you think about the IICRC rebranding as "The Clean Trust"?

Rebranding of AT&T by Stephen Colbert

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Spend tonight with a Carpet Cleaning Monster!

Joe Monster that is, from Service Monster, the VERY BEST program for
carpet cleaning database management.

Make sure to join us for an hour or two session learning about  the latest
and greatest ways to keep up your customer retention.

You most likely paid a steep price to get your customers, DON'T let them
slip away unnoticed or feeling unloved.

Tonight Wednesday, October 12th @ 6PM PST @

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What’s In Your Spot Removal Kit?

Talk Dirt with Tom
Join Tom Cermak Monday night at 9:00 est in the Carpet Cleaners Class Room and tell us what you’ve got in your spotting kit(s) and why. Share your tip’s & tricks on spot ID, spot removal, tell us about your favorite products, carrying case, and all the tools and gadgets you have in your kit and why they are a necessity to you.

The Carpet Cleaners Class Room is a live, real time text, talk, and video. You can participate if you only have a keyboard, or step up to the microphone and tell us what you think if you’re not shy, and if you have a web camera you can even show us your professional spotting kit and accessories if you like!
Talk Dirt with Tom Cermak
Monday nights @ 9pm EST in the Carpet Cleaners Classroom @
Got Questions? Get Answers!!

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So what’s all the stink really about anyway?

So what's all the stink really about anyway?

Odor removal or as some will tell you, odor management can be a frustrating and evasive issue both for the cleaner and the customer.

Join Craig Jasper on Wednesday night 9-21-2011 in the CLEANERS CLASSROOM where you can learn of some recent new developments in odor location and new tools for this.

9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific time @

Here are some of the topics that will be discussed in the class:

The newest advance in evolution of Low Moisture Cleaning Science with APE Cleaning Solution, APE Cleaning Catalyst and the Pro Sorb Bonnet

Get rid of Traffic Lane Gray with Dinge-Away, the Carpet Saver

How to locate urine spots with the Forensic Kit and Inspection Tunnel and how to remove odor with OSR XG, X-Cide for Smoke and the Ozone

The easier way to re-color bleach spots with Color Modifying Cosmetics (CMC's)

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