Hurricane Katrina Help

by Mark Finnerty
Many of you have expressed concern for the victims of this historic disaster, and like many you feel the need to help but you may not know what to do.
As a survivor of several major hurricanes I can tell you that there are two organizations that are the most visible and generous with there help and support after a storm. The American Redcross and the Salvation Army both have a huge job in front of them as the endeavor to assist the victims of this amazing storm return to something resembling normal. I personally have benefited from the kindness of strangers that is delivered to victims through these vehicles. They do not ask anything from those they help and work tirelessly in the worst of conditions.

I encourage each of you to follow the links below and give a little of you hard earned money to one or both of these groups to help your fellow man. The amount of money you may spend on a six pack or a steak at Outback can help someone who has nothing left get back on there feet.

I am giving the links for the American Redcross National Disaster Relief Fund and the Salvation Army U. S.. The Salvation Army has a section of their online form to say what effort you want your donation to assist.

American Redcross National Disaster Relief Fund

Salvation Army*USE*USS*USW

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