How to Make a Dynamic Presentation

To be successful in business, you MUST be a good PRESENTER
During the "Connections" Convention in Las Vegas, people were "presenting" their products, services, and concepts. Whether it was in the trade show, presenting a session, or sharing an idea in the hallway, people were PRESENTING.

To be highly successful in business, you MUST be a good PRESENTER. You don't have to be a professional speaker, but to get your concepts and ideas across, you need to know how to COMMUNICATE them in a way that motivates your listener to take action.

Leaving Money on the Table?

Presenting is an extremely valuable skill. Whether you are making a presentation to a prospect or client, or talking to someone over the phone, or speaking to a group, there are tried and true concepts and techniques to follow. Without this valuable skill, you are DEFINITELY leaving money on the table.

Here are a few tips on making a dynamic presentation. Keep in mind that there are many more things you need to take into account. To really get good at presenting, there is MUCH more that you need to know, and most of all, you need EXPERIENCE. As you present your product, service, or talk, observe what you are doing and what impact it is having. Change it until you get the desired result.

Join a Group

One way of getting better at presenting is to join a networking group that requires you to introduce yourself in front of a group. As you introduce yourself week after week, work on your introduction until it is inspiring, different, and gets people to take action.

The WORST thing you can do when introducing yourself is say "I'm Joe with XYZ Carpet Cleaning and I Clean Carpet." No duhhhh! Isn't that what most carpet cleaners do? Be different. Be exciting. For example, say something like "Hi, I'm Howard Partridge with Clean As A Whistle. How many of you have ever gotten a coupon in the mail for carpet cleaning that advertised a very low price?" Hands go up all over the room. "and a guy that looks a little like Charles Manson shows up" They are dropping their forks at this point. "and wants to charge you a thousand dollars to clean your carpet. "Well, at Clean As A Whistle, we help you avoid all of that by providing you with the Most Outstanding Service Experience Ever (tm) or You're Money Back!" See the difference? This is called your OPENING. That's Tip #1: Have a Strong, Intriguing, DIFFERENT Opening. This illustration also included Tip #2: Get Your Audience Involved Immediately. Notice that I asked a question that caused them to raise their hands.

Tip # 3: Think about what ACTION you want your listener (or reader) to take. Many of these principles apply in advertising as well. If you are writing an ad, a sales letter, or making a phone call, many of these principles apply. If I am doing a presentation to a group of Realtors for example, I want them to REFER me. So, I will be focused on getting across to them the VALUE in REFERRING me. This is the action I want them to take. So, instead of just showing up to talk about myself, I am going to structure that presentation so that they can clearly see the benefits of referring my service. Here's a twist: I know that the Realtor will be more likely to refer me if she has seen my work, so one of the actions I will also be after is getting her to use my services personally. Here's the action I would like for you to take: Observe how you are presenting yourself, your service, and your ideas. Is it effective? Until then, I hope to bump into you at one of my seminars or on the telephone.


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