Hard Surface Cleaning Class – Live Online

Bryan Thomson from Sapphire Scientific will be guest host in Club Greenhorn Carpet Cleaners Classroom tonight (Aug 31 2011) at 9:00 p.m. EST .

The topic will be hard surface cleaning, and he has a lot to offer on this subject! This is live real time chat... so if you have questions get some answers tonight.

Join Bryan Thomson of Sapphire Scientific who teaches hard surface cleaning to the profession.

Bryan's been pulling his hair out to take what he normally does with two days of classroom training and condense them into real solid usable "bankable" information about hard surface cleaning.

He will lay out your road map to how you can realize greater profit by integrating hard surface cleaning into your customer base as well as develop new customers.

New chemicals will be discussed in detail as well has where and how to use them.

He will cover inspection, application, the tools and one really interesting topic even to those who are not currently hard surface cleaning and that is the new Sapphire Scientific Truckmounts.

The have units that will deliver over 3000 psi pressure AND AT THAT PRESSURE also maintain high heat. Many claim heat but not at that high of a pressure and he will lay it out in detail how Sapphire Scientific have accomplished this. So you TM guys with the Sapphire TM questions - BRING THEM!

And to top it off everyone knows that the good folks at Sapphire has been generous with the free product. Well,............ if you aren't there you ain't getting any! ❗

9PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific in the Carpet Cleaners Classroom



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