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Create your own ONLINE Business Card - Netcard by Andrechelle!!

You’ve got to let the world know you're here and give potential customers an easy way to find you. Most of the major Internet Search engines check this site. Once your Free Netcard is setup, your information will be available to people all over the Internet.

Create your card now

It's possible to setup a domain name and redirect your domain name to your Free Netcard until you acquire a regular website. When you are ready for a website, contact Andrechelle.

The Login (File) Name will be the name of your business card on this site so choose a name that best represents your business Interests!

Make sure to E-mail us if your Free Netcard Business Card should be linked to our Cleaners Referral Pages!

We will also be glad to customize your card and/or expand it to a website! Contact us with your ideas for a quote!

After you have created your card, be sure to write down your personal Uniform Resource Locator (URL, or Web address). This is what your customers and contacts will use to locate you on the Web. Then give your URL out to everyone you know and ask them to give the URL out to everyone they know. (Many people find it effective to include their Online Business Card URL as a “tagline” at the bottom of all outgoing email messages—refer to your email program's manual for details on how to customize your tagline.) This is the easiest way to make your presence known on the Web.

This is a totally FREE service provided by!
There's never any charge or hidden fee!
It's a no-brainer

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