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Inexpensive Marketing with Email

Email marketing should be an essential tool in your marketing bag of tools. Any complete marketing campaign will probably have an e-mail component. It’s a lot less expensive than direct mail, and it can easily be personalized to your target … Continue reading

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The for-free location and driving instructions service

Getting from point A to point B just got a lot easier. Google Maps shows you where you want to go — and tells you what you’ll find when you get there. The map is easily panned and zoomed through … Continue reading

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Fee-Bay – eBay’s new charges have sellers on the run

You’ve probably heard about eBay raising sellers’ closing fees from 5.25 to 8 percent. For many, the increase (the fourth in four years) is the final straw. “we’re tired of being gouged” says Rhonda Gorman, regular e-Bay seller and store … Continue reading

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