Monthly Archives: April 2004

Discover what you need to put your own website on the Internet

I’ve heard many small-business owners say they think they “should” get a website. They’re not quite sure what they need to do, but they’ve been told they should have one. In most cases, they’re right. The Internet is recognized as … Continue reading

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What happens when you get requests to carry out tasks you aren’t paid to do?

If it’s some tiny chore or a one-time thing like helping a small woman carry a big box, do it. If it’s a larger job don’t, especially if they will expect you to make it part of your regular routine….. … Continue reading

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The BIGGEST Marketing MISTAKE of ALL, part 1

Other than doing absolutely nothing, there is one single marketing mistake that is the biggest, most costly mistake a carpet cleaning can make – and you are probably committing it! Would you be surprised to find out that this mistake … Continue reading

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