Best Way to Create a Website For My Carpet Cleaning Business? Hosting or FREE?

If you are new to the Internet, you may want to get your feet wet by creating a free website; however, it may be better for you to begin by having your own website hosted. How to choose?

Can you establish an online presence for a local business for free? Yes. It is quite simple actually. My focus is on the carpet cleaning industry, but if you are looking at another type of business, the basics to guide you are here. There are various places to create free blogs that you can use to promote your services or product. Carpet cleaning professionals can socialize and blog on a website like This is a supportive community where you can learn social networking skills and blogging. If your goal is to learn how to create an effective website but do not want to do any of the work yourself, I would recommend hiring to manage your project for you. may be the better training ground and support for a newbie who wants to "do it yourself".

A free blog will get you noticed. If you need to dip your feet into the water, free websites are not a bad option. One fear may be that you cannot hone the website to achieve the best results with the search engines. The ability of users to find us through search is paramount. This can be more easily accomplished by having a website hosted, but an blog can produce great results with little tinkering. Several of my posts on a blog there have brought me business, because those posts rank high in search results. That is the key. Having a web page that is in the first, second, or third position on a search page will drive visitors to your website. A free blog may not offer you all of the opportunities to fashion a high ranking web page, but it will happen with good content. My free blog outpaces my hosted website for many keywords. Do not underestimate the power of such a blog. However, my hosted website does bring in more business through my marketing efforts.

Hosting a website may seem daunting when every term that you encounter is new, and you have no guide. It is not hard to learn by typing questions into your favorite search engine. Hosting packages can start as low as five dollars per month. Good hosting can be had for under ten dollars a month, but keep in mind, if you choose a cheaper package, you will have to do more work on your own. You may find a respected company offering to help you create and host a website for twenty or thirty dollars per month.

The main benefit of hosting your own WordPress website is that you can add plug-ins to help you market your website. This cannot be done on the free websites. The beauty of WordPress is the ability to design a website that serves your needs so easily with the plug-ins. You can craft the elements that help you get noticed. Another benefit to WordPress is that there are amazing free templates which can be used to enhance your website appearance. Editing these templates to create a presence that reflects your needs is not that difficult at all.

My advice is to have your own website hosted rather than a free website. Free is good, and it can be a great way to introduce you to the tasks involved in administering web pages. To accomplish more, you have to be in control of every aspect of the website, which can only be handled through your own hosting account. Using free accounts to compliment your hosted website can be part of a great Internet Marketing plan.

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