3 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Prospecting on the Phone

The 3 deadly sins to avoid when prospecting on the phone are ...

1. Coming off As Arrogant
It is a fact that our businesses survive both as results of the opportunity and customer service aspects. When prospecting on the phone and needing to take control of your conversation, do not overwhelm your prospects with how teachable they need to be to be working with you to be a part of your opportunity. If your manner is professional and sincere, people will feel and treat you as a mentor. You do not have to over-impress them with what your prospects need to do to work with you. If you are excited, but not arrogant, people will see your opportunity as something that can change their lives. Do not try too hard because if the opportunity is not for them but if you have products that you can proudly present, prospects can become your customers. Remember, what turns people on AND off is how you represent on the amount of money you are earning. It is not imperative for others to know how much money you are earning, and just because you earn big money and they struggle with their corporate jobs, it does not mean you are living a better life than them. You are just living a different life that can possibly change their lives.

2. Not Relating to What They Already Know

Asking the right qualifying questions is the most important aspect of prospecting on the phone. Find commonality with the prospects and allow them to say why they are looking to change their lifestyles. Tell them you also have been where they are today and understand how they feel. If you are approaching the prospects at the right timing when they are looking for ways to change their lifestyles, you will connect with them. Be enthusiastic about what you do and lead them to your converting tools such as conference calls, opportunity calls and three-way calls with uplines.

3. Overemphasizing Your SYSTEM!! When you are first starting out, being on fire, getting excited about your opportunity, remember that your prospects are not as prepared as you are to be hear about your SYSTEM. What is important is that your prospects find the system work for THEM and not for you. Just because it works for you it does not mean that your prospects feel the same way about what you do. Be careful not to overemphasize your system, it means nothing to your prospects until they are plugged into your system. Do not get too excited about your favorite system when prospecting. It is important that you make them feel that they can do it, but be careful not to over complicate the business structure. Let them join the business and allow them to find out if it is for them. Even if it ends up only trying, they become better persons for just trying it out.

Takuya Hikichi, Honolulu HI United States

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