11 Reasons Referral Marketing is More Powerful than Advertising Part II

Part I of Why Referral Marketing is Much More Powerful than Advertising. We covered Reasons 1 - 7. This e-mail will cover the next 4 phenomenal reasons you should put as much effort into a referral program as possible.

Get a 20 to 1 Return on Your Marketing Dollars

8. High Returns - The returns can potentially be huge. In my experience, any overall advertising program in the carpet cleaning industry that gets a consistent 4 to 1 return would be doing extremely well. In other words, if you invested $1000.00 in advertising, you would get $4000.00 in return. Anyone would be happy with that return across the board. With referral marketing, if you pay a 10% referral fee and everyone cashed in on it, you would have a 10 to 1 return. The FAST TRACK Referral Program reveals how to get a 20 to 1 return.

9. Returns Guaranteed - With a referral fee, you don't pay it until after the job is done and the invoice is paid. With traditional advertising, you put your money on the line and hope for a return.

Low Cost, High Returns

10. Small Time Investment - The time investment is not that burdensome either. I built my referral sources in between jobs mostly. What is required is a different mindset. You must now create a new lifestyle - a lifestyle that includes a regular, systematic effort to call on potential referral sources.

How to Generate $10k in NEW Business in 6 Months!

11. Exponential Multiplication. I will suggest to you that if you were to invest just a few minutes per day calling on a set of referral sources - people who have an unlimited supply of clients for you - that you could potentially increase your business over $10,000.00 per month in new business in 6 months.

Would you agree that if you had a great referral program, and you really worked it for 30 days that you could get $1500.00 in referrals? Sure you could. What I discovered about referral sources is that they repeat their habit. In other words, they will likely send you another $1500.00 next month. And of course you will be generating new referral sources that add a new $1500.00 each month. If you follow the math of the new referral sources and the recurring referral sources, in 6 months you would be generating over $10,800.00 in new business each and every month! I have done it. And so have many other carpet cleaners that have my program.

As you can see, referrals can completely transform your business. Any truly successful, quality carpet cleaning company needs more than the casual referral to be phenomenally successful. Do your company a favor and get the FAST TRACK Referral Marketing System.


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