10 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Service Part 2

Last Week I shared 5 ways to "add value" to your service. Here are 5 more.

Use a Door Mat to "Stage" Your Job.

6. Use a Door Mat. Get a rubber backed Olefin door mat about 3' x 5' to stage your equipment on. This shows your client that you are concerned about her entry way. You can get these at your local Grainger Supply.

7. Use Corner Guards. Use corner guards where your hoses will go around corners inside the home. You can get these at your local Bridgepoint Dealer.

Client Booklet

8. Thank You Letter Send a Thank You Letter with a comment card and referral cards. A thank you letter demonstrates that you really care about them as a client.

9. Quality Check Call Call your customer 3 days after the cleaning job (this gives the floor or fabric time to cure and gives your client time to thoroughly inspect the home or business) to thank them again for using your service. This gives them another opportunity to communicate if there is anything that they were not pleased with or if there is any spot that has resurfaced.

10. Client Newsletter

A Newsletter not only drives more repeat and referral business to you, but by educating and entertaining your client, you add more value. You are more than a carpet cleaner, you are a resource of information.


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