10 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Service Part 1

One of the key concepts in getting a higher price for your service is called "Adding Value". In other words, you increase the "perceived value" of your service by going above and beyond just providing the actual service.

Here are 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Add Value

1. Confirmation Call. This is a call that is made the day before the appointment. Not only does it help you avoid no shows, and gives you an opportunity to advise your client how to prepare for their cleaning job, it gives them a tremendous amount of confidence. Think about what is going through a client's mind when they book a service company to come out to their home. They wonder whether the service company will be on time, and maybe whether they will come at all! You know that your service is better than that, but they don't unless they have used your service before. A Confirmation Call gives them confidence and adds VALUE to doing business with you.

2. Free Bottle of Spotter. Give your client a small bottle of spot remover for free. This will really WOW them.

Client Booklet

3. Offer printed information on the jobsite. Our company gives each client a "Guide to Professional Cleaning" that has "How to Select a Professional Carpet Cleaner", "How to Care for Your Carpet, Upholstery, Area Rugs, Ceramic Tile, Wood Floors", etc. It's a wonderful tool and elevates our company above the rest.

4. Wear shoe covers (also known as booties) in the home. Before stepping into the home, slip on a pair. Your customer will love it. Then leave them a pair when you leave.

White Glove Service

5. White gloves. Our company wears white gloves to move the furniture. This shows the client that we have great concern for their furnishings (plus, if soil transfers onto the white gloves, we can upsell the upholstery! Tee hee.)

Next week, I will share 5 more ways to add value. Until then, I look forward to doing NEW business with each one of you. We have some PHENOMENAL new Products and Services to offer. Remember that you are getting 19 years of PROVEN RESULTS and PROVEN FIELD TESTING with my systems!


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